• Beauty and the Geek

    Becky Richardson’s motto is love ‘em and leave ‘em. The only man she trusts is her best friend Louie, the local computer shop owner and resident geek.

  • Christmas Past

    Ten years earlier, Bailee walked out on Mark before their first wedding anniversary. A miscommunication between their mutual friends brings them to the same ski cabin the week before New Year's.

  • Finding Their Way Back

    When Elizabeth O'Leary meets up with the cowboy she's been avoiding for over two years, she doesn't know whether to trust her heart or her head.

  • Passion in Punxy

    Traveling to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to cover Groundhog Day is the worst thing reporter Amy Mitchell can think of. Until, that is, she gets stranded in a snowstorm.

  • The Chauffeur Wore an Evening Gown

    When Erin O'Malley agrees to pinch hit for her brother's limo service, she has no clue how crazy her night will get.

  • The Christmas Star

    Being the only mortal in a world of magical elves isn't easy for Chrissy Star, especially at Christmastime.

  • The Cowboy Comes Home

    They say you can never go home again. Tyler Weston is hoping that's not true. Two years ago he thought he wanted freedom and to be as far away from Sweet Meadow, Texas as he could get.

  • The Cowboy's Duet

    Susan Sampson left the Double B far behind when she moved to New York City. But ten years later she's discovering the cost of fame can be high, especially with a stalker on her trail.

  • To Tame a Cowgirl

    There has never been a hint of romance between long time buddies, Sara Sampson and Buck Weston--at least not as far as Sara knows.

  • Trouble in Texas

    Charli Boyd, "good time Charli" to her friends and even her enemies. She isn't interested in marriage or babies or settling down in one place for more than a night or two.

  • Under a Rodeo Moon

    Bull rider Dusty Wulfsen has been thrown to the ground by more bulls than he can remember, yet nothing caused as much pain as losing Carrie Montgomery.

  • Not Exactly Strangers

    As Sheriff of Sweet Meadow, Texas, Conrad was used to a lot of weird situations. But when the sexy stranger raced into the bar and pretended he was her fiancee, all his training hadn't prepared him for this scenario.